References (High-Frequency Measurement Technology)

Elekonta Marek GmbH & Co.KG Elekonta Marek GmbH & Co.KG
Gerlingen | Germany

Axel Süßlin (Head of Quality Assurance):

"The DTDR-65 is very popular in our department. Due to its multi functionality we not only use it for impedance measurements but also for determination of the relative permittivity of base materials & prepregs as well as for fault detection of unpopulated and even populated PCBs. It greatly simplifies our job by the intuitive handling and especially by the easy and fast report compilation. Since the DTDR-65 is low-weight and quite compact, we also take it for presentation purposes to our customers."


Airbus   Airbus



Amphenol FCI   Amphenol FCI



DTDR-65 customer, Bizerba SE & Co. KG Bizerba SE & Co. KG
Balingen | Germany



Robert Bosch GmbH Robert Bosch GmbH
Stuttgart | Germany



CI Tech Components AG CI Tech Components AG
Burgdorf | Switzerland



COMTEL Electronics GmbH   COMTEL Electronics GmbH
  Grasbrunn (Munich) | Germany



Continental   Continental


DESY - Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron
  Hamburg | Germany


  Horb-Bittelbronn | Germany



ExxpertSystems GmbH
  ExxpertSystems GmbH
  Bremen | Germany



Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft   Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft



Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH   Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH
  Munich | Germany



ggp Electronics GmbH   ggp Electronics GmbH
  Osterode | Germany


  Hamburg | Germany



Hochschule Mannheim - University of Applied Sciences

Mannheim | Germany

ILO electronic GmbH
  ILO electronic GmbH
  Quickborn | Germany


init GmbH
  init GmbH
  Karlsruhe | Germany



Materialforschungs- und -prüfanstalt Weimar an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar


Weimar | Germany



Polytron Print GmbH   Polytron Print GmbH
  Bad Wildbad | Germany


PRI-DANA Elektronik A/S
  PRI-DANA Elektronik A/S
  Hedensted, Denmark GmbH | 32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg | science - engineering - measurement GmbH
  Horn-Bad Meinberg | Germany



SET - Software Engineering Tschürtz GmbH SET - Software Engineering Tschürtz GmbH | Austria



Siemens AG Siemens AG | Germany



straschu Leiterplatten GmbH      straschu Leiterplatten GmbH | Germany


ts Leiterplattentechnik GmbH ts Leiterplattentechnik GmbH | Germany



University of Queensland, Australia University of Queensland | Australia



Wöhler Technik GmbH   Wöhler Technik GmbH
  Bad Wünnenberg | Germany



Würth Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG   Würth Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG | Germany



Zodiac Aerospace   Zodiac Aerospace | France



References (RFQ-Scan® and Food-Analysis)

Deutsche See GmbH Deutsche See GmbH
Bremerhaven | Germany

Dr. Britta Hemmy (Quality Manager):

"Concerning the quality parameter "added water" the RFQ-Scan enables us to perform incoming goods inspections extremely quickly. Due to the easy handling and the rapidity of the method, we are able to check all incoming charges without losing time until continuing to process the goods. Compared to chemical analysis RFQ-Scan produces a considerable advantage in terms of time - and after all we reduce our effort for chemical analysis. Furthermore, we appreciate the possibility of extending the capability and number of applications (e.g. other fish species) of the instrument in accordance with our individual needs."

Institut Dr. Erdmann GmbH Institut Dr. Erdmann GmbH (NSF Erdmann Analytics)
Rheda-Wiedenbrück | Germany

Pickenpack Europe GmbH Pickenpack Europe GmbH
Lüneburg | Germany

Royal Greenland GmbH Royal Greenland GmbH
Wilhelmshaven | Germany

Jens Stroisch (Teamleader quality department):

"We use the RFQ to check Alaska pollack before processing the H/G into fillets and the intake of single frozen blocks before deciding on the further processing capability. It allows us to reject raw material as early as the primary processing stage, which was not possible before Sequid. Sequid gives sound arguments regarding rejecting goods from suppliers, or obtaining a discount. Buyers at our company use RFQ data to strengthen the reasons for rejection. We still perform the traditional checks but Sequid allows for more scope to reject goods."


Research- & Development Cooperations

Monells (Girona) | Spain

BILB/EIBT (ttz Bremerhaven) ttz Bremerhaven