SMAS® — Sequid Modules and Systems

Overview & Features

SMAS - clock generator and pulse generatorThe abbreviation SMAS® stands for "Sequid Modules and Systems". The modular concept of these building blocks aims at supporting high-speed design en­gi­neers and developers to take efficiently and quickly the step from the basic system design (proof of concept) towards a fully operational demonstrator or prototype system. The task of designing a compact, realistic, and complete system to be presented to project management organizations or decision makers in companies can be crucial. This often requires the replacement of expensive laboratory equipment by dedicated and cost-saving subsystems, as for example clock- and pulse-generators. Using SMAS® components can shorten this important step considerably. By applying the pre-designed subsystems you can combine the high-performance UWB components with the advantageous small casing:

The SMAS® components generate and work with clock signals from the kHz range up to the GHz range. You benefit directly from the extensive experience of Sequid in ultra-wideband (UWB) microwave circuit design, which is a very challenging discipline: because handling clock signals with sub-nanosecond rise-times require more and other precautions than the design in the standard digital circuit design and the traditional RF circuit design. One of the most important specifications of ultra-fast clock systems is the jitter performance, which can be considered similar to the phase noise in classical high frequency technology. The SMAS® components have a typical random jitter of only a few picoseconds, which allows for using SMAS® in applications with high-speed clock rates.

Fields of Application

  • Clock signal generation in digital high-speed systems
  • Pulse generating systems (e.g. laser diode driver, UWB-Generators)
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Specialized TDR/TDT systems
  • Automated test- & measurement-systems

The Sequid GmbH continually endeavors to enhance the SMAS® building blocks system, in order to offer a wide range of high standard performance func­tion­alities. If you have any specific requirements, we would be glad to discuss these with you personally to find together a common solution.

As a special service we offer our support for integrating the SMAS® software libraries in to your software environment. These are implemented in C++ and therefore can be directly linked into most software projects. In case of special requirement, please contact us directly.