Programmable Clock Divider (PCD-01)

Product Description

Programmable high frequency clock divider - PCD-01The high frequency clock divider PCD-01 allows for dividing a clock signal by means of 2n (n=0..8). The divisor can be set and changed very easily by the accompanying application software. The module can handle clock rates from 100kHz up to 2GHz making it flexibly useable within a wide range of applications. The very fast rising edges (Tr <200ps) in combination with the extremely low jitter (Jrms<3ps, trigger with stable clock generator; e.g. the PCG-01) allow for the integration in almost all kinds of systems with fast data-rates.

The PCD-01 module is shipped in a 1x2" aluminum casing ensuring the necessary mechanical and electrostatic protection of the device. The power is supplied by the SMAS® controller module, thus no further external power supply is required. Further information is available in the datasheet.


  • Clock range: 100kHz – 2.0GHz
  • Jitter performance: Jrms <3ps
  • Rise-time: Tr <200ps
  • Dimensions: 25.4 x 50.8mm
  • Supply voltage: 3.6V(a)

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