Universal High Frequency Counter (UFC-01)


Universal high frequency counter (8.4GHz) - UFC-01

  • Test & measurement applications
  • Universal measurement setups
  • Industrial applications
  • Sensor evaluation


Block diagram of the universal high frequency counter (8.4GHz) - UFC-01

  • Frequency range: 20 MHz - 8.4GHz
  • Selectable resolutions:
    ±1MHz, ±100kHz, ±10kHz
  • Single-ended or differential
  • Temperature stable (-10°C - 85°C)
  • Dimensions 25.4 x 50.8mm
  • Supply voltage 3.6V

You want to learn more about the advantages of the SMAS® high frequency counter? Please contact us directly, we will be glad to inform you. Further information is also available in the datasheet.