Bipolar Pulse Generator (BPG-01)

Product Description

High frequency bipolar pulse generator BPG-01The bipolar pulse generator BPG-01 is suitable for the generation of very short pulses with a minimum pulse width of tFWHM=65ps and an amplitude of Up=1V. The BPG-01 can be triggered within a wide range of clock frequencies from 200kHz to 1.4GHz and therefore is useful in a variety of applications. If operated in combination with a very stable clock generator(e.g. SMAS® PCG-01), the pulse generator provides an extremely good jitter performance with an RMS-Jitter of Jrms <3ps.

The BPG-01 pulse generator module is shipped in a refined surface 1x2" aluminum casing providing the necessary mechanical and electrostatic protection for the module. There is also the option to supply the module with power via the SMAS®-controller, thus no other external devices are needed. Further information is available in the datasheet.

If you require various slower pulse-widths, please contact us directly. A cus­tomer-defined adaption of the pulse width is possible upon request.


  • Pulse width: Tw=65ps
  • Trigger frequency range: 200kHz – 1.4GHz
  • Jitter performance: Jrms<3ps
  • Abmessungen: 25.4 x 50.8mm
  • Supply voltage: Uvv=3.6V, Uee=–6V
  • Current (max.): Ivv=130mA , Iee=180mA