Accessories: TDR probes, SMA cables, ESD protection, Cal-Kits

Ordering NumberDescriptionFigure
SPMC-P Phase matched precision SMA cable
(50Ohm±1Ohm, <1ps skew)
Phase matched precision SMA cable (SPMC-P)
SCC-P Precision SMA cable (50Ohm±1Ohm) Precision SMA cable (SCC-P)
SDTP-E Differential TDR probe (industrial, 1.0 - 5mm fixed pitch) Differential TDR probe (SDTP-E)
SSTP-E Single-ended TDR probe (industrial, 1.0 - 5mm fixed pitch) Single-ended TDR probe (SSTP-E)
SDTP-P Differental TDR probe (precision, 0.1 - 5.0mm adjustable pitch), in-circuit measurements Differential precision TDR probe (SDTP-P)
SSTP-P Single-ended TDR probe (precision, 0.5 - 1.5mm adjustable pitch), in-circuit measurements Single-ended precision TDR probe (SGTL-TDRP-K01)
SDM-10G Open ended coaxial line sensor, up to 10GHz Open ended coaxial line probe (SDM-10G) for dielectric spectroscopy / permittivity measurements with TDR
S03K1-R RF calibration kit (RPC-3.5, compatible with SMA & RPC-2.92) Calibration kit for TDR calibration
SESD-PCS ESD protection (fully integrated in DTDR-65STDR-65or STDT-65) Integrated ESD protection module
SESD-PP ESD protection pad (600x300mm2) ESD protection pad
SUSB-FS2 Foot switch (USB, 3 switches) Foot switch for triggering TDR measurements