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TDR measurement devices DTDR-65 & STDR-65

DTDR-65, STDR-65

High resolution TDR mea­sure­ment devices with a rise time of ≤65ps and 10GHz bandwidth.

TDR measurement device DTDR-800


Cost-efficient differen­tial TDR mea­sure­ment device with rise time of ≤800ps, i.a. for cable measure­ments.

TDR measurement device ATDR-100


Automated impedance testing by TDR mea­sure­ment. Optimized for test coupons & standar­dized PCBs.

STLC impedance calculator

STLC - Impe­dance­Calculation

Calculation of wave impe­dances on PCBs - based on modern 2D field simulation.

Multi-channel TDR measurement

RF Multiplexer

Broadband multi­plexer from DC to 10GHz for RF & TDR mea­sure­ments.

Accessories for TDR measurements

RF Accessories

TDR probes, coaxial cables, calibration kits, SMA adapters, etc.

RFQ-Scan TDR measurement device


TDR measurement device with coaxial probe for the deter­mina­tion of selected material parameters

Consulting, customized RF design and TDR measurement

Consulting & Development

We are happy to support you in terms of RF circuit design & measurement technology

TDR measurements are versatile

Impedance control via TDR measurement

Controlled Impedance Testing

Impedance controlled PCBs, cables & connectors, measure wave impedance and detect poorly conditioned lines by using TDR measurement

S-Parameter, Return & Insertion Loss

Calibrated S-parameter measurements up to 10GHz using OSLT calibration standards as used in VNA measurements.

TDR measurement for substrates dielectric

Dielectric Properties of Prepregs & Cores

TDR measurement for the determination of the frequency-dependent dielectric constant of base materials.

Measure permittivity with TDR

Dielectric Spectroscopy

High-quality coaxial sensor SDM-10G and software - usable with e.g. STDR-65 or with commercially available VNAs.

TDR measurement for fault detection

Fault Detection & Localization

Using high-resolution TDR measurement with extremely fast TDR signals, defects on PCBs and cables can be detected & localized.