Dielectric Spectroscopy


High frequency dielektric spectroscopy, complex permittivity measurement with Sequid TDR technology or common network analyzersSequid started introducing their technology in the area of food analytics. The disciplines time domain reflectometry, dielectric spectroscopy, and multivariate calibration have been combined in order to determine several quality parameters of fish and meat. The special demands within the food industry requires a high performance sensor technology, covering the frequency range up to 10GHz. Measuring the frequency dependent dielectric properties of materials by means of an open-ended coaxial line sensor is an established and well known method in the scientific community. Sequid consequently tansferred their know-how by building a coaxial sensor SDM-10G and the software RFQ-Scan, which is an easy to use application for measuring dielectric spectra.

Open Ended Coaxial Probe for Surface Measurements

SDM-10G - open ended coaxial line sensor for dielectric measurements (complex permittivity measurements) up to 5GHzThe coaxial probe SDM-10G originally was constructed to be applied in the RFQ-Scan technology. Especially the needs of the food industry concerning repeatability and further aspects made the development and sophisticated and high-precision manufacturing of the SDM-G10necessary. This finally led to a sensor enabling the measurement of dielectric spectra in the frequency range up to 10GHz and beyond. The convex aperture plane ensures a good contact in liquids and furthermore in soft, flexible and paste-like materials. In materials measurements the temperature often plays an important role, thus an optional PT-100 temperature sensor can be integrated. Due to the very thin aperture plane (<1mm) the sensor adapts to the materials' temperature very fast.

Product details:

  • Frequency range approx. 100MHz - 10GHz
  • Low heat capacity due to thin aperture plane (<1mm)
  • Integrated PT-100 sensor (optionally)
  • Dimensions: 30mm (outer conductor), 1mm (inner conductor)
  • Assembly: SMA-Connector
  • Food compliance
  • Easily cleanable protection cap (POM)

STDR-65 for Dielectric Spectroscopy

Stability time domain reflectometer STDR-65Dielectric measurements can be performed in frequency or time domain, because the signals can be converted into each other via the Fourier transform. The STDR-65 in combination with the RFQ-Scan Software can be used to measure complex dielectric spectra in the frequency range up to 5GHz. For this purpose the software is shipped with the dielectric measurement plug-in, which furthermore enables the user to carry out reflection coefficientmeasurements in the frequency domain. The necessary calibration work can easily be made by using the graphical calibration wizard.

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