FroQ - Measure the Quality of frozen Fish

Frozen alaska pollock block to be measured with RFQ-Scan TDR-TechnologyHuge amounts of frozen fish are traded world­wide. For producers and traders the quality of the freezing process is of central importance. Panels of specialists assess the quality of frozen fish; nevertheless subjective opinions and im­pressions can never be eliminated completely and therefore influence the results.

Alaska Pollock

Statistic result window of the RFQ-Scan softwareThe powerful FroQ module of the RFQ-​Scan makes it possible to measure the freezing quality of Alaska Pollock ob­jec­tively. The quality scale ranges from 0 to 15 quality scores reflecting all kinds of quality from very bad double frozen quality (0 scores) up to premium sea-frozen quality (15 scores). 

Become independent of sensory analysis and use the small portable device to measure the freezing quality where and whenever you like - within seconds. Lay the foundation now to negotiate fair market prices by using an objective quality assess­ment.

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