Available User Manuals

Seunis - Operating Manual for TDR Software

Seunis - Operating Manual for TDR SoftwareUserManual_DTDR_STDR.pdf 
Time Domain Reflectometer STDR-65/DTDR-65 
PDF-Document [1199 KB]

User Manual for RF-Multiplexer

User manual for Sequid RF-Multiplexer DMXU-D4-ASequidMux_DMXU_D4A_UserManual.pdf
Differential 2:8 RF-Multiplexer DMXU-D4-A
PDF-Document [2927 KB]

SMAS-Explorer Manual

User Manual for SMAS-Explorer (controlling unit) to control e.g. a clock generator, frequency/clock divider, frequency counterSMASexplorer_UserManual.pdf 
PDF-Document [398 KB]

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