Sequid Universal Measurement Software (Seunis)

Overview & Features

Application software for Sequid TDR devices

  • Impedance control, e.g. on impedance controlled PCBs Info-Flyer (pdf)
  • Classical TDR- & TDT functionality
  • Creating & working with lists
  • Loading, saving,& exporting of lists
  • Graphical user interface for performing S-parameter & permittivity calibrations
  • Customer defined processing ­algo­rithms and export formats
  • Dynamic and static libraries for integration in customer specific applications (e.g. C#, C++, C, Python, MatlabLabVIEWHP-VEE)

Product Specification


A complete graphical software solution is included in standard package of the STDR-65and DTDR-65. The software assists you in organisational work involved in performing your measurements. The software is designed according to the traditional spreadsheet format and well suited to perform calculations on a series of mea­sure­ments which can easily be edited, saved and reloaded. The standard TDR/TDT view is also available for displaying the voltage vs. time curves, as on an oscilloscope. The software is quickly installed and very easy to operate. Your measurement results can comfortably be exported in different formats (e.g. PDF).

Software Modules (specialized measurement modes)

TDR technology is a very versatile measurement technique applicable to a wide range of different measurement tasks. The above described software handles all task specific demands by means of one easy to operate graphical user interface. The following different measurement tasks are handled by specialized software modules, being selectable by a single click during operation:

  • Differential impedance control (incl. standard DTDR)*, suitable for impedance controlled PCBs, connectors, & cables
  • Single-ended impedance control (incl. standard TDR)*, suitable for impedance controlled PCBs, connectors, & cables
  • S-parameter measurement (magnitude, phase, Smith-Chart, VSWR)+
  • Single-ended transmission measurements (STDT-65)+
  • Fault detection & localization+
  • Measurement of dielectric constants of cores and prepregs er+
  • Frequency dependent dielectric constants and line impedances er(f),Z0(f) of cores and prepregs (10MHz - 5GHz)+
  • Complex permittivity measurements er(f) (real, imaginary, Cole-Cole)+

* Included in standard STDR/T-65 resp. DTDR-65 shipment
+ Optional software modules


The Sequid GmbH has its roots in material analysis, thus the software has more capabilities than just managing the data-acquisition and storage. Basically it is designed to perform a fully automated data analysis. The modular software architecture permits the use of user-defined plug-ins which can perform automated calculations and documentation of measurement results (e.g. travelling time, moisture content, S-parameter, dielectric properties, etc.) instant­ly. Which kind and how the result is calculated can be freely defined by the user. We will gladly assist you with the creation of your individual plug-in.


The graphical user interface (GUI) is based on the core application, which is available as shared or static C++-library, as needed. Thus we enable our customers to access the full Sequid TDR functionality from their specific soft­ware environment. If you have further questions on this topic, please contact us.