ATDR-100: Automatic Impedance Control

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Cost savings by optimization of impedance control work-flow
  • 80% time savings
  • High reproducibility by applying automatic adaptation
  • No expert knowledge required
  • Creating expressive PDF reports
  • Coupon generator included in software package
  • No additional ESD-protection measures required
  • For standardized impedance coupons and printed circuit boards
  • Based on proven Sequid TDR technology

All in one Work-Flow

  • Calculation of line impedances (e.g. STLC)
  • Coupon generation (Gerber files and testing program)

STLC calculation tool & coupon generator 

ATDR-100 test adapter

  • Loading test program
  • All parameters available at a glance
  • Insert coupon & close handle
  • Measurement only lasts a few seconds
  • Take out coupon
  • Measurement data is saved automatically

Automatic impedance test report creation 

  • Saving measurements as ATDR project
  • 1-Click compilation of PDF-reports
  • Create reports with company logo

Functional Description

A high-frequency step signal is applied to the coupon or PCB. Up to 16 transmission lines can be tested via spring loaded needles by using a high-performance multiplexer unit.

The setup of the coupon (line type, goal impedance, tolerances) is assembled automatically by the testing program which is run for each coupon, reducing the measurement duration to only a few seconds. The testing program as well as the Gerber production files can easily be generated with the included coupon generator.

The testing adapter provides a single slot for the coupon, which is pressed to the test fixture by closing the adapter. This guarantees a highly reproducible contact between spring-loaded needles and tested transmission lines.

Immediately after closing the adapter the measure­ment is started ensuring a fast exe­cution time. The completion of the measurement is signaled to the user and the coupon can be removed.

The impedance data is automatically saved and immediately ready for use as e.g. creating a PDF-report.

Technical Specification

  • True differential TDR with 100ps rise time
  • Minimum line length of 50mm
  • Maximum 16 lines (differential & single-ended mixed)
  • High quality contacting via needle bed adapter
  • Quick-calibration by means of included calibration substrates
  • Enhanced reproducibility compared to manual testing systems
  • Extremely high ESD-safety
  • Dimensions 320×515×270mm3
  • Barcode Scanner (optional)

All related information can also be found in the ATDR-100 product flyer in our down­load area. If you have any questions on the topic Automatic Impedance Control, please call us or use our contact form.