Sequid GmbH is your specialist for

  • Time domain reflectometry in the picoseconds domain
  • Differential & single-ended impedance measurements on PCB (printed circuit boards)
  • Dielectric measurements in the gigahertz range
  • Application specific measurements in industrial & outdoor en­vi­ron­ments

Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR/TDT)

Zeitbereichsreflektometer STDR-65The STDR-65 is the optimal choice for your lab- and outdoor applications with its 65ps rise-time and an extremely low jitter within a wide temperature range. The system is well suited for measuring wave-impe­dances on printed circuit boards applying data rates up to 10Gbps. The corresponding STDT-65 module is the perfect extension for transmission measurements. For saving costs and for your convenience it can be fully integrated in the STDR-65.

Impedance Control: Differential & Single-Ended (DTDR)

Impedance control with Sequid DTDR-65By the development of the differential time domain reflec­to­meter DTDR-65 the STDR/T-65 concept was conse­quently followed up. The differential module of the DTDR-65 includes a second high performance diffe­ren­tial step generator and is therefore perfectly suited to perform highly accurate diffe­ren­tial TDR and impedance measurements on sin­gle-en­ded and diffe­ren­tial transmission lines. An easy to use applications software in combination with the DTDR-65 is the ideal choice for performing impedance measurements on PCBs, cables and connectors - up to the high frequency range of 10Gbps.

Fault Detection & Localization

Fault Detection and Localization with STDR-65The Sequid time domain reflectometers DTDR-65 and STDR-65 provide very steep TDR step signals and can there­fore utilized for high resolution fault detection and localization. Exemplary fields of applications are for instance an automated quality testing of PCBs (ridged & flexible) or the test for faulty solder joints in switches. Sequid TDR devices allow due to the ultra wideband (UWB) signal spectrum of their TDR measurement signal the detection of manufacturing flaws, being invisible for standard DC measurement methods.

STLC - Sequid's Online Transmission Line Calculator

Sequid's transmission line impedance calculator can also calculate coated differential microstrip linesWe offer an affordable online solution to calculate the line impedance on printed circuit boards (PCB). The STLC online tool enables the user to precisely calculate the wave impedance of all commonly used transmission line types on PCBs by applying a powerful 2-D field solver technology. If you would like to get more information about prices & conditions or you want to sign up for a free trial period of 2 weeks for the STLC please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will be glad to inform you.

SMAS® - Sequid Modules and Systems

SMAS - clock generator & pulse generator in the picosecond domainWith the modular building block systems SMAS® Sequid pro­vides a valuable support for system engineers and develo­pers. The high-performance clock & pulse generators modules in the picoseconds range have an excellent jitter-performance and can easily be integrated in your existing systems. An easy to use software enables for a fast applicable setting up of the SMAS® components.

Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy (Permittivity Measurement)

Dielectric spectroscopy - measurement of complex permittivity (dielectric properties in the GHz frequency range)More than a decade of experience and development in the area of dielectric spectroscopy finally yielded the high per­for­mance open ended coaxial line sensor SDM-G10 and an easy to use application software environment for the fast de­ter­mina­tion of dielectric properties (complex permittivity) of a wide range of materials. The SDM-G10 can be used for a frequency range up to 10GHz and even more. The soft­ware can be combined e.g. with the STDR-65 as well as with other commercial vector network analyzers.

Sequid - Food Analysis Technology with RFQ-Scan®

RFQ-Scan measurement TDR-device - measure the food quality with secondsBecause of our know-how in the field of dielectric spectroscopy as well as in online and laboratory RF measure­ment systems, Sequid GmbH is your ideal partner for per­for­ming complex analytical measurements within your specific industrial- and/or outdoor-environment with the RFQ-Scan.

In the last years Sequid has established itself as a specialist for application dedicated test- & measurement systems in the food- & life-science sector. Read more about the RFQ-Scan® technology for food quality assessment.