RFQ-Scan® - Radio Frequency Quality Scan

Food- & Material Analysis with Sequid TDR-Technologie

RFQ-Scan - TDR technology for measuring food quality & other material parametersThe measurement system RFQ-Scan is based on the principle of dielectric spectroscopy. An ultra-wideband impulse is applied to the material under test and the reflection is evaluated using multivariate statistical methods. The patented method allows for the detection and characterization of parameters, which are determined by the dielectric properties (complex per­mittivity) of the material. The results are displayed in a manner that can be easily interpreted. The bases for the calculation are statistical methods like e.g. principal component analysis and various kinds of regression methods.

Added Water in Foodstuff

RFQ-Scan - Measuring added water by means of TDR technologyA variety of different substances are available for adding water to foodstuff effectively. Apart from the widely used additives such as, for example, phos­phatescitrates and car­bo­nates, the usage of protein hy­dro­ly­zates is be­coming increasingly popular. 

Conventional methods for detecting additives are costly and time con­su­ming chemical analyses, which are based on the quantification of special target ions or molecules. However, these me­thods fail in the case of detecting car­bo­nates, hydrolyzates or unknown additives. 

The RFQ-Scan detects added water by means of changed dielectric properties of the material and therefore works independently of the used additive. The final objective result is available within seconds.

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Quality of frozen Fish

RFQ-Scan - Measuring the quality of frozen fish by means of TDR technologyNowadays the quality of frozen fish (e.g. Alaska Pollock) is assessed by experts per­for­ming sensory tests, which may be inaccurate due to sub­jec­tive influences. Furthermore, operating a laboratory for sen­so­ry analysis is costly and the tests are time-consuming and skilled personnel are required.

The RFQ-Scan is based on highly developed technology that allows for an objective assessment of the quality of frozen fish. The figure shows Sequid's scale for frozen sea fish in a quality score with 15 units. The quality spectrum ranges from poor quality double frozen quality up to premium sea-frozen material. The RFQ-Scan is the first instrument to measure the freezing quality objectively.

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Ham Curing

RFQ-Scan - Measuring the salt content & aW-value by means of TDR technologyIn cooperation with the Spanish research institute CENTA/IRTA, the feasibility of measuring the water and salt content as well as the water activity with the RFQ-Scan technology was in­vesti­gated. Commercially available calibrations based on the latest investigations were developed.

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