Consulting Services for High Frequency Measurements & Circuit Design

High frequency measurement equipment

In state of the art measurement devices and embedded systems, high frequency (HF) circuit design becomes more and more important. If design rules for wave impedance optimized transmission paths are violated, the proper functioning of the entire systems may be massively corrupted. Sequid's high frequency engineers own many years of expertise and stand at your site to solve complex problems in the areas of circuit design and high frequency measurement issues.

Special fields of expertise are:

  • High frequency PCB-design
  • Impedance control of transmission lines
  • Error analysis in printed HF-circuit boards
  • Measuring signal integrity
  • Design & realization of HF-measurement systems
  • Advisory service for creation of HF-specifications & documentation
  • Performance of HF-measurements (spectrum-, network- & time-domain analysis)
  • Support regarding selection of HF-components
  • HF-sensors & sensor-design
  • Dielectric measurement techniques
  • Loss factors of transformer oils

If we should have drawn your interest please contact us by phone or online. We will be gald to be at your service.