Further RFQ-Scan Applications

Individual Quality Standards

Individual RFQ-Scan calibrations applying TDR technologyThe assessment of food quality often turns out to be difficult. State-of-the-art methods are subjective sensory and costly laboratory analyses. Both approaches are time consuming and basically limited in their applica­bility. Moreover, no suitable measurement device is available for specific customer-related questions and problems in ge­ne­ral.

Due to its powerful and diversely applicable technology, the RFQ-Scan can be cali­brated on many product specific requirements. For example the challenging task of determining the aw-value or the salt content of a material online suddenly becomes a question that can be answered. By using the RFQ-Scan the user is capable of defining his or her own quality standard and therewith installing a faster and more efficient quality management system.

Industrial Applications & Process Control

Industrial dough kneading machine equipped with Sequid TDR technologyInformation about industrial measurement techniques can be found here in future. Currently Sequid works on the following topics:

    • Monitoring fermentation processes

    • Controlling mixing processes by monitoring the homogeneity

    • Continuous detection of the dough con­sis­ten­cy in industrial kneeding machines

    • Complex levelling systems (lather/fluids)

Should you have any questions related to our technology and its applicability in your specific process, please contact us via the contact form or call us directly. Our experts will be glad to help you.