Differential Time Domain Reflectometer DTDR-800

Overview & Features

Differential Time Domain Reflectometer DTDR-800 (e.g. for impedance controlled cables)

  • 2 differential step generators
  • 2 real-thru sampling modules
  • TDR Step rise time < 800ps (10%-90%)
  • TDR step amplitudes: Uout = 550mV (@50Ohm)
  • Analog input bandwidth ≈ 1GHz
  • Extremely low jitter < 3ps
  • Channel-to-channel skew < 20ps
  • Fully integrated ESD protection module (optional)
  • Laboratory- and production applications
  • Dimensions 221x210x74mm3, weight 2800g
  • High temperature stability from 0°C to 40°C
  • No external components
  • USB-interfaces 
    (further interfaces upon request)
  • Further accessories you find here

Product Specification

Best Jitter-Performance & Temperature Stability in its Class

The Sequid DTDR-800 features a very stable operation. Due to the sophisticated time base generation technique in combination with proprietary correction algorithms the DTDR-800 features a very high time-base stability (jitter Jrms<2.5ps). Furthermore, the DTDR-800 grants this stability over a wide temperature range without the need for recurring calibrations.

Software & Plug-ins

The DTDR-800 provides all commonly known functionalities as e.g. differential impedance measurements, fault detection & localization, scattering parameter (S11), and dielectric measurements (εr — see also dielec­tric spec­tro­scopy page) up to 1GHz. Thus the DTDR-800 can be used in a wide variety of applica­tions.

The following software modules are available for the DTDR-800:

  • Spatial differential impedance control (incl. standard DTDR)
  • Spatial single-ended impedance control (incl. standard TDR)
  • Fault detection & localization*
  • Single-ended transmission measurements (TDT)
  • S11-scattering parameter measurements (magnitude, phase, Smith-Chart)
  • Complex permittivity measurements (real, imaginary, Cole-Cole)

*Further information about the topic automated fault detection & localization you obtain from the Sequid high frequency experts. Please contact us directly, we will be pleased to assist you.

Interfaces & Libraries

To support automatic measurements in the lab and in an industrial environment, Sequid offers extensive software support. In addition to the standard delivered graphical user software to perform measurement series and to control the instrument, specially adapted software libraries are provided upon request, enabling the user to integrate the DTDR-800 completely in existing test setups within the accustomed software environment.

Fields of Application

  • Differential line impedance measurement (PCB's, cables, connectors)
  • Differential and single-ended TDR applications
  • Fault detection & localization
  • Moisture measurement
  • Testing of electrical connections
  • Differential & single-ended scattering parameter measurements (S11)
  • Dielectric spectroscopy


Further Information

Further information about TDR, impedance control, fault detection, & localization and dielectric spectroscopy can be found in our download area.