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In this area you find information about the RFQ-Scan® products & applications. If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us directly or give us a phone call.

Product Descriptions

RFQ-Scan - General Product DescriptionRFQ-Scan - General Product Description
PDF-Document [234 KB]

RFQ-Scan - aW-Value and Salt Content within SecondsRFQ-Scan - aW-Value and Salt Content within Seconds
PDF-Dokument [199 KB]

RFQ-Scan - Added Water in PangasiusRFQ-Scan - Added Water in Pangasius
PDF-Document [295 KB]

RFQ-Scan - Added Water in PoultryRFQ-Scan - Added Water in Poultry
PDF-Document [203 KB]

RFQ-Scan - Freezing Quality of Alaska PollockRFQ-Scan - Freezing Quality of Alaska Pollock
PDF-Document [310 KB]

RFQ-Scan - Individual Quality StandardsRFQ-Scan - Individual Quality Standards
PDF-Document [278 KB]