S-Parameter - Insertion & Return Loss by means of TDR Measurement

S-parameters by means of tdr measurement
The Sequid time domain reflectometers (TDR) are perfectly suited for performing the S-parameter measurements up to 10 GHz efficiently and cost-effectively.

S-Parameter ⇒ Insertion & Return Loss

Measuring the S-parameters of printed circuit boards, connectors and cables is enormously important ensuring high signal integrity. Selected S-parameters are very often also called insertion loss (S21=IL) and return loss (S11=RL).

TDR ⇔ S-Parameter (Time Domain ⇔ Frequency Domain)

Since the TDR signals can be converted to frequency domain data via the Fourier transform, the complex S-parameters can be calculated from the time domain data. Our TDR devices are calibrated for this purpose using OSLT (Open, Short, Load, Thru) measurements, just as is done in classical vector network analysis.

Performing Measurements

S11-parameter in dB and Smith-Chart

The S-parameter measurements can be performed using the Seunis software. This user interface provides an easy-to-use wizard for performing the OSLT calibration.

In the adjacent figure a single-ended S11 measurement is shown in dB format (magnitude) as well as in a Smith chart. Phase and VSWR display are available as additional formats.

Accessories for Insertion Loss Measurements
(single-ended IL)